Aniya Rayes White Label Company
Creating Successful Entrepreneurs

In 2009 Retired SSG Ray Dockery launched the Aniya Rayes Extension Warehouse, a Veteran Owned Business. Aniya Rayes offers its customers high quality hair at wholesale prices.

Aniya Rayes is much more than a vendor of high quality extensions. Our greater mission is to help others be successful by building their own companies. Through our Membership and Affiliate programs, salon owners, hair stylists and hair extension shops are able to purchase hair at low cost to sell and use in their business.

After seven years of creating successful entrepreneurs, in November of 2016, Ray decided to take his mission a giant step further. He decided to package his successful business model and convert the Aniya Rayes Extension Warehouse to the Aniya Rayes White Label Company. He basically created a business in a box.

Aniya Rayes White Label Members are set up for success. When they become a member they are provided with everything they need to launch and grow a successful hair or other type of business. Members are set up with their own fully functional website that includes their own membership and affiliate system to provide recurring monthly income. White Label Members are given direct access to hand selected hair suppliers from around the globe. This allows them to purchase hair at wholesale prices, then price it as they see fit.

Since we are in the business of creating successful entrepreneurs, The Aniya Rayes White Label Company provides a series of trainings including how to start a business, how to run a business, how to update and/or edit their business website, how to market their business and more.

In a nutshell...The Aniya Rayes White Label Company provides a successful business model, a fully functional business, then teaches its White Label Members how to run and grow their business to be successful.